The American Arbitration Association requires its panel members to maintain their skills by annually taking courses on topics relevant to arbitration.  This is a listing of the courses I have taken or conducted.

AAA Webinar, How Arbitrators Handle Witness Credibility, 2017

AAA Webinar, Protecting Your Award from Appellate Challenge, 2016

AAA Webinar, Fair Hearings - Avoiding the Pitfalls, 2014

AAA Webinar, Winning at Arbitration..., 2014.

AAA Webinar, Arbitration Strategy in IP/Technology Disputes, 2013.

DC Bar, Selecting and Working with Expert Witnesses, 2012.

AAA Webinar, Best Practices in Franchise Arbitration, 2011.

George Mason University, Legal Environment of Business, 2010.

George Mason University, Conflict Resolution Training, 2009.

George Mason University, Communication Skills Training, 2008.

AAA Arbitrator Ethics & Disclosure (ACE003), 2008.

AAA Pro Se: Managing pro-se Cases (ACE002), 2006.

AAA Neutrals Conference, 2005.

AAA Chairing an Arbitration Panel (ACE005), 2005.

AAA Dealing with Delay Tactics in Arbitration (ACE004), 2005.

AAA Arbitration Awards (ACE001), 2004.

AAA Arbitrator Update 2003, 2002, 2001.

AAA Advanced Case Management Issues, 2001.

AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training, 1998.

AAA Advanced Arbitrator Training, 1992.

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