Commercial Arbitrator

Raoul Drapeau

Patents Awarded



These are patents that have been awarded to me.

  Most were filed pro-se (i.e. by me).

US Patent 8,567,114; "Insect Capture Device and System"

US Patent 7,050,145; "Device for copying both sides of an object in a single pass using an office copier"

US Patent 7,007,867; "Trigger sprayer nozzle providing flow in various directions"

US Patent 6,328,677; "A Simulated-Kayak, Upper-Body Aerobic Exercise Machine"

US Patent 5,828,410; "Video Wall Viewing Angle Enhancement System".

US Patent 5,197,098; "Secure Conferencing System".

US Patent 4,346,453; "Item Display Order Picking System".

US Patent 3,908,800; "Item Selecting System".

US Patent 3,700,807; "Impactless Printer".

US Patent 3,646,570; "Printing Head Mechanism".

US Patent 3,373,410; "Sensing System for an Array of
  Flux Storage Elements".

British Patent 1,294,739 "Printing Head Mechanism"

French Patent 71.04803 "Méchanisme de Commande
  de la Tête d'Impression d'une Machine à Imprimer."

Japanese Patent 764,538 "Printing Head Mechanism"

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