Raoul Drapeau


Commercial Arbitrator

Magazine Articles Written


I have written articles for a variety of magazines in the fields of technology, WWII history and invention.

"Why Arbitrate High-Tech Cases?  An ADR Primer for High-Tech Execs"

AAA Dispute Resolution Journal.

“Britain’s Balloon Gadgets” - WWII History Magazine.

“Operation Outward” - IEEE Power & Energy Magazine.

“Ordnance: Norden Bombsight” - WWII History Magazine.

“Pipe Dream (The Canol Oil Pipeline)” - American Heritage of Invention &


"The Attorney and the Non-Attorney Arbitrator", AAA Dispute Resolution Journal.

“Accidental Inventions”; Inventors’ Digest Magazine

“Quiz: Are You an Inventor?”; Inventors’ Digest Magazine.

“Don’t Overlook Copyrights”; Inventors’ Digest Magazine.

"Pyramid Compression - A spatial-domain compression method for color images";    NDC technology report.

"A Wide-Bandwidth, High-Ratio, Planar Transmission-Line  Transformer for Use at Cryogenic Temperatures"; IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.

“Computer Simulation of Machine Throughput”; Proceedings of the Joint Eng’g Confer.; Xerox Corporation.

"Continuous Sheet Sensing for Random Access  Memories"; IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.

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