Commercial Arbitrator

Raoul Drapeau

These are books that I have written:

"The Attorney and the Non-Attorney Arbitrator", in AAA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, 2010.  This is a treatment of the situation where the arbitrator is not an attorney.

"The Art & Methods of Invention", ebook 2011.  This book was written as a guide for the novice inventor who knows little about the process, and yet has an invention that needs protection.

"The Fat Man's Disk", ebook (fiction), 2010.  In an entirely different genre from the technical works above, this techno-thriller was my first work of fiction.

"The Art & Methods of Engineering", Flag Books, 1985.  When I was asked to teach an engineering course at a local college, there was no suitable textbook.  So I wrote this one to fill the need. 

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Books Written