Commercial Arbitrator

Raoul Drapeau

These are books that I have written:

"The Attorney and the Non-Attorney Arbitrator", in AAA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, 2010.  This is a treatment of the situation where the arbitrator is not an attorney.

"The Art & Methods of Invention", ebook 2011.  This book was written as a guide for the novice inventor who knows little about the process, and yet has an invention that needs protection.

"The Fat Man's Disk" , ebook (fiction), 2010.  In an entirely different genre from the technical works above, this techno-thriller was my first work of fiction.

"The Art & Methods of Engineering", Flag Books, 1985.  When I was asked to teach an engineering course at a local college, there was no suitable textbook.  So I wrote this one to fill the need. 

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Books Written